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Motherboard VGA

So i recently bought a pc. I use the Displayport on my GPU (NVidea GTX 1080 8gb) for the main screen. But i have a second monitor now and that is VGA, and my motherboard VGA turned of by default. I know how to enable it in the BIOS but my question is, does it harm my GPU or PC performance? Or are there other consequences? (This is the pc)

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well then that screen will not be running from the GTX 1080, just get a VGA to whatever you need adapter.

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41 minutes ago, Tim098b said:

So what is it now? 

It would be fine to run the second display off the motherboard for many applications, however rendering something with the GPU and displaying it on the display running off the motherboards video connector could result in stuttering and poor performance. Typically you only resort to using display connections off your video card if you have no connections left on your video card because as I explained - it can pose complications while running every display off the same video card really doesn't have any drawbacks.

If you aren't extremely pressed for money I would just pick up a DP to VGA adapter and run it off your video card, I would high recommend an active adapter like this one:

Active adapters contain an additional chip which converts the signal while passive adapters don't forcing the video card to do the converting, this can cause a plethora of frustrating and of often hard to diagnose issues like screen flickering, tearing, jittering, random disconnects, and in many instances simply no signal at all.

Active vs passive adapters:

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