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My headset needs more power! ATH-ADG1X


This is my current headset https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/96eeada29d21f735/index.html


Since it's only 1 jack I have to use the splitter it came with to be able to use both mic and sound. But I assume this also means splitting the power 50/50 through each jack.


This makes me have a faint static/white noise sound whenever I talk, I still sound fine but you can definitely hear it. Also I have to have my volume mixer/controller on the headset itself up to like 90% just to be able to have it loud enough for my gaming needs.


I know I need an amp or something along the lines of that, but i really dont know what im looking for.


Also I have a question about my old headset (Turtle beach PX22's). The headset was awesome because it had a 3rd audio channel specifically for Discord/Skype/Teamspeak/etc. I could even lower the volume or even mute discord in my OBS since it had that 3rd audio channel. I loved being able to have the ability to do that.


Is there an AMP/mixer that could both power my headset and give me that 3rd audio channel so I can freely turn down my loud friends with just a knob whenever i'm in a sticky situation?


I'm sorry if this post gave you a headache to read lol. I never make these.



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