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Overcomming input lag and screen tearing, need help

Playing mostly taxing games like COD 4 blackout, witcher III, gtaV and the likes I am always faced with the same issue. Namely: to choose between (1) v-sync enabled, no screen tearing but stutters and high input lag or (2) v-sync off, screen tearing heavily but no input lag.


I have tested this extensively and this seems to be the case in most games. In fast games like COD4 Blackout I cannot stand the high input lag that comes with v-sync. But at the same time, I cannot stand the extreme screen tearing (sometimes 3 tears simultaneously) that occurs without v-sync. So I would like to ask your advice. What do you do to solve this issue?


I have heard G-Sync monitors try to solve this issue. My question to you is: Do you have a g-sync monitor and does it actually work as good as advertised? Or is there still some input lag or screen tearing going on? 

i5-6600K 3,50GHz | Motherboard Gigabyte B150M-D3H | RAM Crucial Ballistix 16GB DDR4-2400 | GTX970 | 500GB SSD EVO | 2560x1440p 27" | Corsair 650W 

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