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Corsair H115i Cooling Issue on i7 8700k Please Help!!

I've had this cooler for a while and never have been satisfied with it's cooling. I have an i7 8700k running at 5 ghz and yes I know it's going to run hot at 5ghz. BUT, it should NOT be letting my cpu at full load (cinebench) hit 94C. Also while playing games the cpu will heat up to around a constant 60C to 70C. I idle at around 38C. 


This is NOT a voltage issue because I'm running it stable at 1.275v. Especially at such a low voltage for 5GHz you would think it would run much cooler.


You would also think it's the cooler however, I don't see anything wrong, the pump is working at a high speed (2970 RPM)  and the fan on the radiator when put under load will spin up to a very loud (2100 RPM) I made sure to use quality thermal paste and I have great air flow from 3 front intake fans as the cooler exhausts out the top. I made sure the cooler is seated properly as well. 


As you can see there is nothing I can find wrong with my setup causing the high temps. And yes delidding would help but I shouldn't have to if other people are running similar setups and their 8700k at 5GHz is staying cool even at way higher voltages. 


I really need some advice to fix this!! 

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