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Slow charging use original charger error

I have an HTC U Play that was gifted to me from a friend in another country. Few months after using it, its charger has somehow gone faulty which stopped charging the phone and would not connect to a PC at all. HTC accessories are scarce here in our country because we dont have a proper HTC retailer here. And we dont have services from Amazon. So I had to go on ebay and order a Type C cable which was listed that it supports the HTC U play. it arrived and charges the phone but its extremely slow. Have to keep the phone in charger for almost the entire day to charge from 40% to 100. I get the 'Slow charging use original charger error' when its plugged in. If im buying another cable i think i will still get this error because it probably wont be an HTC cable. Is there a way to get around this error by using the cable i bought from ebay and get the phone to charge in normal speed like in original cable?

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