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Bluetooth Suddenly Stopped Working On Windows 10

Hi all. I'm using an Avantree bluetooth dongle for my PC build. My mobo is an ASUS Maximus 7 GENE and does not have built in bluetooth. I use bluetooth to connect my BT headphones, Logitech BT speakers, and XBox One Wireless Controller to my computer. Lately, probably due to a Win 10 update, my peripherals started malfunctioning. It started with me losing connection to my headphones. I tried removing the device and re-adding it but it won't work. Until I switched the dongle to a different USB port then my headphones started working again. I thought everything was fine until I noticed that both my controller and speakers have stopped working too. I tried removing ALL three devices and re-adding them. Yet until now, I have had no success. I've shifted the dongle to different USB ports, even tried downloading a driver for my Avantree BT dongle, also drivers for the CSR8510A10 since that's the name of the Avantree Dongle when I view it in Devices. None of the things I tried work. I don't want to reformat yet. I have so much going on right now to reformat my PC. Yet not being able to hear sound from my PC via BT is killing me. Any solution will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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