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Intel hires yet another top AMD graphics executive



Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcochiappetta/2018/10/30/as-intel-prepares-to-enter-the-discrete-gpu-market-it-hires-yet-another-top-amd-graphics-executive/#50ec6a2460a6


Quotes from articles:


"News broke today of yet another former AMD executive moving to Intel, Darren McPhee. Darren left AMD a few years ago, where he was the director of Graphics Product Marketing, and has held a couple of positions since then, but he is now the new Director of Product Marketing, Discrete Graphics at Intel Corporation."



"Darren was a key team member responsible for launching the AMD Radeon R9 and R7 200 and 300 series GPUs, the R9 Fury Series, the R9 Nano, a number of professional graphics products, and AMD’s 6th generation A-Series notebook processors."

My opinions:

CPU progress has slowed a lot in recent years and nothing has really impressed me as a consumer. I don't see GPUs being able to do much different anymore.


The big consideration for me is waiting for AMD's stuff using TSMC's 7nm technology. Zen2, Navi, Vega on 7nm whatever they're calling it. That's really the only thing that has my attention after seeing their better value CCX core complex design take off against Intel's monolithic designs with Intel having nothing to answer at the high end but pricey furnace chips hooked up to water chillers.


This TSMC 7nm stuff I feel could be the last decent performance leap using existing technology and certainly a nice place to go to after using Ivy Bridge since 2012. As far as graphics go AMD's 7nm stuff is probably my upgrade path from my 2016 RX 460, although if I'm being honest I've had no issues with the RX 460 for the average gamer like myself.



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