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Advice on which certification after Network+


I got my A+ certification in June 2018, and I'll be ready to take network+ in about a month or so. I've been working at Fry's Electronics as a computer technician since March 2018.

I know a bit from LPI Linux Essentials 1, and I think either that or CCENT could be the fastest certs I could get after Network+. Server+ also looks like one that wouldn't take as much time as the others.
I know these certs are a bit varied, but I'm just interested in a lot of different aspects of computers. I'm especially interested in Linux and networking.  However, which one or two do you think I should focus on next in order to land a better job(hopefully with a salary)?
These are the certs/areas I'm interested in learning:
LPI Linux Essentials
LPIC 1 or 2
Study Active Directory 
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Depends who you want to work for really, if you want to work for the DoD or a contractor affiliated knock out your Sec+. Try to talking to people who have the job you want and see what route they took. Look on job sites and see what companies are asking for in the segment.

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