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PC not booting up. Any ideas? Some details and video available.

CPU: Intel Core i5 7500

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB




Thanks for taking the time to look at this post. Any help is much appreciated.


I've had this PC for nearly a year now, just recently it won't boot. As you can see in the video I attached, it starts up, gives power to the mouse and keyboard, and goes stagnant with no progress of booting up whatsoever.

What usually happens is that once the keyboard lights green and fades, the green light turns back on and the mouse's red light turns green as well. The monitor would then display the booting process until it eventually succeeds.


The fans are spinning (if not noticeable in the video) and there is no beep sound to be heard. I've tried plugging the hdmi cable of the monitor directly to the motherboard instead of the gpu, same results. The monitor also seems to be working fine.

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