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Looking for Replacement for Turtlebeach XP SEVEN ACU


A friend of mine really liked the audio control unit that came with this headset: https://smile.amazon.com/Circuit-Programmable-Surround-Xbox-360-63043006306200/dp/B0094MYU4M. It crapped out sometime ago and they haven't found a replacement.


From what I understand, the features they liked the most were mic mute button, hardware volume dials, and ability to mix voice-chat audio, game audio, and external audio conveniently. Turtlebeach has since released what looks to be a replacement product (https://www.turtlebeach.com/products/elite-pro-tac), but since I don't consider myself knowledgeable about audio equipment, I thought I would ask the opinions of people who are.


This seemed like the write place to post something like this, but if not, I apologize!

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