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4K TV suggestions paired with PS4 Pro

I am looking to upgrade to a PS4 Pro and also get my first 4K TV. I am looking between 40-50" as it is for a bedroom, no need to get too crazy. Hopefully under $600 USD, will be buying around Black Friday/Cyber Monday so really pricing should be great then. Any suggestions?

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Don't buy a Black Friday tv. There are plenty of posts here why. You're probably looking at a 50" or 55", anything under that size probably not worth the experience.


Also, if you have a PS4, upgrading to a pro without a proper tv that can display it is kind of just a waste. The PS4 Pro does have considerably more graphics power, but when you can take that $400 for the PS4 Pro, combined with your budget, and get a really good tv for around $1,000, that will greatly improve your experience more so than just getting a budget friendly tv.


If you're dead set on that though, TCL makes decent tv's in the lower price points, probably their P series will go on sale, but even MSRP is still around that $600 point anyways.

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