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Interesting input lag differences on my tv



today I hooked up my tv (low-mid range samsung curved display) with my pc and disabled my monitor. I was having not bad, but noticeable input lag. It was fine

Later that day I used my tv but with my monitor (LG 24gm77 144 hz), cloned display. I instantly noticed that my input lag is quite a lot less. There was barely any difference when I watched side-by-side the tv and the 144hz display, which is, as I read in one article, 16ms maximum with 6ms average total response time. Once again i just turned off my monitor and the tv restarted the screen and it was again with average responsiveness.

Is this something normal and what makes it happen?


P.S. - I just tried to extend both of the displays, the tv is preforming as usual, average responsiveness. This way I can observe the difference between clone/extend when I put a window in the middle of the the two displays. The difference is, I would say, huge.

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