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Thunderbolt 3 pass through splitter??


Hey guys, 


I've tried looking, but can't find if there exists a thunderbolt 3 splitter that has both a full size displayport AND a thunderbolt 3/type c data pass through? My stupid ass alienware 3440 only has one HDMI 1.4 & a full size displayport ? the backup PC I use when my main machine is down is a little NUC that only has Tbolt3 and hdmi 1.4 or 2.0. Reason I'd like to use thunderbolt for the display is because the monitor is 120hz and of course hdmi is 60hz, I just would like to retain the use of the tbolt 3 port if possible. 


I don't care if it gimps the thunderbolt transfer speed, just wondering if it's possible and if it exists. The nuc has limited usb 3 ports which are all accounted for. 


Thanks for any help!


Cheers ? 

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