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Best ISP?

so im thinking of moving away from my ISP service of almost 2 decades as its becoming quite tedious to deal with them since they were sold off(they want to charge me $25 a year when since i have my internet with them ($80/month) it should guarantee me a free account but apparently not). Gmail or Microsoft im unsure thesedays who would be a better choice, google seems to be into some more shady stuff these days and MS is just the same old hat.


serious suggestions please i would even pay a small ammount if there was a secure service for $5-10 dollars a year

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I'm confused, are you asking for an email provider or an ISP? Both?


If only email, you can try ProtonMail.


If only ISP, it would depend on what's available in your area. Care to provide that info?

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So you got a new ISP and they are wanting to charge you to use their email services? Well first off there are plenty of email services out there that are free and of good quality... so you should consider picking one and migrating to it. Second, sounds like this ISP is going down hill. I would do some research about who is in your area. Then after reading some reviews, decide which has the best value and which one has the happiest customers. You now have a new ISP.

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I'd just roll gmail or buy your own domain and use zoho's free tier to host the mail component of it.


Your question sounds more email provider centric than actual connectivity/ISP centric

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