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Help me choose a good monitor!


I am looking to get a like good/ok curved monitor for like under $200, I am still looking but its sort of hard because I have sort of specific like things it needs, it needs to have display port, have VESA mounting (any size) and curved. Any suggestions would be helpful. I have found 1 that fits but the comments have me sketched out a bit so if you have the spare time tom, you can go and check it out.


Stay frosty my friend and have a good time


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That doesn't look like a bad display, seems hit or miss.


This doesn't seem like a terrible option either: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/vdvbt6/acer-ed242qr-abidpx-236-1920x1080-144hz-monitor-ed242qr-abidpx

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