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DDR4 & Black Friday/Cyber Monday estimated deals?


Just wondering what people think will be available for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? I'm hoping for somewhere $33.50ish Canadian for 1x4GB 2400MHz or $67ish Canadian for 2x8GB 3000MHz+ (basicly around 33% off retail).

What got me thinking is after checking ca.pcpartpicker.com again for RAM prices I saw 1x4GB of Corsair Vengence LPX 2400MHz CL15 for $40 when last I checked it was like $50, looking into it I saw Memory Express got it on sale until November 22nd at 11:59PM EST, so it would end just before before Black Friday (November 23rd), just wondering what the chances are of it getting a even bigger discount on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, thinking of buying a stick of it as I bought one off Ebay (same part number/specs except the heat shield color is red on the one I got instead of black) to get my computer up and running & thinking of getting another stick in November for dual channel & try to OC the RAM to 2666 instead of 2400 (because Ryzen likes RAM speed): https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX64511

Another option is to get a 2x8GB kit of 3000MHz+ to replace the 1x4GB (that I can sell & get my money back(paid $32 for it, can likely sell it for $40, at least $35)), for that route the cheapest is the Team T-Force Vulcan 3000MHz CL16 with a regular price of $92 on Newegg.ca though depending on prices I may pay the extra for RGB RAM with the T-Force Delta II RGB being $8 more ($100) with the same specs.



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