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No audio through speakers, only through headphones, in my new PC build

I recently bought a new PC for gaming. Got the box, went home, was really happy. But, when i plugged it to my keyboard, mouse, headphones and speakers, i realized i could only get audio from my headphones. 

Initially, i thought it could be a hardware problem in my speakers, but i tested them in my laptop and they worked fine. So, i tried all these things i found on the internet:

- Deactivate all audio enhancements;
- Uninstall audio drivers and reboot;
- Set speakers as default audio device (it was already set);
- When i press the "test" button (in sound > playback > properties > advanced) i get a warning saying "failed to play test tone";
- I tried changing my audio format, but the sound quality frequency option is grayed out;
- I also tried using sfc/scannow in the cmd, but nothing was detected;
- Finally, i tried changing all my audio drivers in the Device Manager do the generic "High Definition Audio Device". Also not worked.

I've read on forums that, most of the time, this problem disappears automatically after a few days of turning the computer on and off. But it's been a week and i still have it. 

If it helps, i'm listing down here my specs.

Windows 10 
AMD RYZEN 3 2200G 
ASRock A320M-HD

And the speaker we're talking about is a Multilaser Warrior 3D Gamer Speaker, USB connected.

Hope you all can help me. I've been saving money for a lot of time to buy this rig and i can't wait to play it, it really saddens me that this problem occured. If i can help giving any other details, i will gladly do so.

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