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Question about backplate for kraken x62




So i recently sent in my mobo+cpu+ram for warranty which i now have gotten back. The problem i have is that i got it back with my back plate taken off, and im pretty sure i sent it in with it on, and i dont know how to put it back properly.

I've done some googling but i cant really find anything helpful. 


So the relevant specs are: 

Mobo: ASUS Prime x370 Pro

CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62


I have mounted it somewhat, but it doesnt really feel "secure" its like the backplate is supposed to be attached to something which i dont have. Basically what i did to attach it is i took the backplate, stuck it through the holes on the motherboard and screwed in the standoffs to the backplate. Then put the pump onto the standoffs and screwed it on.


Heres a video of what i mean when i say it doesnt feel secure 



And this is what the backplate looks like:





Is this right and am i just being worried about nothing? i just dont remember it being this loose before.

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