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HP X2 could have been a good 2 in1

I broke out one of my favorite and most disastrous daily driver pc my $200 hp X2 2 in one and tried to get it cleaned out for my dad to use for spreadsheets and paperwork.



What i forgot why I put this away all I remembered was it was a "good" tablet it had a cheap plastic feel to it and it had ridiculous keyboard flex but with a good docking mechanism. It also has great sounding loud front firing speakers(what drew me to it) so I thought no problem he's not going far with it and he's not going to be doing to heavy of a load.


What I forgot about the intel X5 atom living in it that after I started it up after 3 months for over 20 minutes now of it trying to do updates or something with the cpu and disk pinned at 100% and its not winding down and I'm losing hope for this to be a answer to his problem it might end up with android or linux on it at this rate and now I'm remembering why I shelved it for a 13" laptop with a i5 16gb of ram and 980gb of ssd storage lol its still going while I write this.


when I bought it I didn't have much cash so I was looking for a windows device that I could use as a laptop and a tablet with front facing speakers and this caught my eye on a clearance sale for $200. so I took it home did updates like all windows 10 computers it took forever and that should have been a sign but I carried on and it kept running out of storage on me was the most frustrating part even with a 64Gb micro sd card you can only off load some things and I was still running out of room. that along with some apps acting up on only 2Gb of ram I know that facebook never worked in the app on it drove me crazy balancing usages while I tried to work out in the field. at home I had a dell XPS 1820 (not portable don't care what they say) it had plenty of grunt most of the time so I didn't use the HP around the house much.it went on like this for a year and change when I said enough when I was trying to find my thumb drive one day for updates because I was tired of uninstalling things to do updates then reinstalling them and I gave up on it.


just say no to low end specked computers its not worth it. slow cpus along with the lack of ram and storage ruined a possibly great 2 in 1 I loved the speakers connectivity and form factor but the hardware spec killed it.IMG_0010.thumb.JPG.808fa3c8bfcb28092bd0375539a0e643.JPGIMG_0012.thumb.JPG.d2a7347c692dfb4b07934d447719b9ce.JPG.IMG_0008.thumb.JPG.70fa9a25aa5fca6840f9740139cb55cb.JPG

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