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ACER XB271HU VS ASUS PG279Q VS Wait for new gen.


Hi all.

I am getting a new PC and thus want to get a new 2k monitor as well. To get a picture about how my setup you can look at the link below


As for the monitor. I have been looking at 2 options so far, but I am abit scared of having faulty products due to backlight bleed etc. So my question is.

Do any of you have one of these two monitors ? Do you think its worth it or should I wait for the next gen ? I really would love a 2k IPS for my gaming exprience. (it seems rather wasted with my new setup to have 1080p)


Both of the monitors are pretty expenssive where I am from costing around 737 Euro.
I currently use a AOC G2460PG  and have been happy with it https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming/products/g2460pg


Links to the two other monitors.




So what is your thoughts ?

So far I am leaning towards the Asus or waiting.



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