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No signal on displays

I went to use my computer today, which i have set up to be two monitors but have also troubleshooted with one, and my monitors were displaying no signal. I first went to make sure the cables were all plugged in and i replugged them and the problem persisted. I took out my graphics card and took out the battery for my cmos waited 10 seconds then put it back in. Still no signal on my screens. However when i start the computer it at least comes up on my monitors that there is no signal, and my peripherals are all working. It’s peculiar because every time i start it the no signal icons appear on my screens as if the video card is the problem.


So i seated the graphics card in the other slot on my motherboard to no success. Help?

I run an RGB computer where all the components are rgb and attached is a photo showing that all the components are working properly in terms of their rgb


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