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LGA Socket Pin 'snapped off' but still in socket, fixable?


Bit of an odd one here folks, my partner's PC has been experiencing some really weird issues with random BSODs, Boot problems etc. which I put down to a bad OC on her part. She said she had issues when she first installed and built the machine, CPU LED would stay on and so I took a look at her OC settings, bumped the voltage up a bit aaaand it was fine. For two whole months she enjoyed high frames and zero issues. Then suddenly the same issues flared up out of nowhere. At this point I figured shes cooked the CPU... or I did. Mutually to blame and all that :P


Then she tells me the Motherboard (Asus Z370-i Strix) was a B-Grade/Open Box from eBuyer UK. This didn't set off alarm bells so much as it did make me wonder if any of the pins were damaged as she says she didn't really see anything but she built it in a hurry. So I take out the 8600K, and at a glance, no issues, but then I notice ... one of the pins (images below) is OUT of the pin socket but still in the actual socket shroud, remarkably. This would explain at least 99% of the issues she's been having. To be honest, I would never have caught it unless I was looking for it, and we didn't strip it down the first time around due to time constraints.




Now's the question: Can this be repaired? It's obviously detached but I'm sure somebody or some people fix this sort of thing for a living? Some form of pin-hole level soldering? I really don't want to fork out another £150-£180ish for a replacement, and its a little bit out of the b-grade warranty (was bought back in May, so the 30-60 day thing is out of the window) as it's been used and eBuyer can argue that its self-inflicted damage.




ps. I appreciate as a first post this is a doozy, but I'm at a wits end!

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7 minutes ago, tobehfaic said:


Can it be repaired?


Will it be cost effective? 


Contact HAM radio guys, they are generally very good with soldering guns and component level repairs, offer them 50quid and see if they can do it.


No guarantees the damage isn't permanent however, even when repaired, extant damage may have occurred.

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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