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How is my GPU using this 6pin


So I've been poking an old card I have laying around with a DMM and I've noticed that all the shunts on the back are in line with the pcie slot but there's this weird triple SMD bank right next to the  6 pin and the pcie slot 

So if that's the case then is the GPU core VRM running off the PCIE slot and not the 6pin? If so then what is the 6pin powering or there for even?


The first picture is the shunts on the back that show 0.0000 ohms to the pcie slots power pin but random numbers in the 6pins power pins 


The 2nd picture is the triple SMD bank that shows 0.0000 ohms to the 6pin ( I tested it to the pcie slot as well and it doesn't show 0 )


And the last picture is the other 3 SMDs that shows 0 ohm to the PCIe slots power pin, but again not the 6 pin 


Anyone got some ideas? I want to add some extra capacitors and maybe a smaller resistor ontop of those shunts to mod the power draw or could I just LM the shunts on the back or should I do it to the 3 capacitor on the front? 




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