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Best BASS Speaker for £55 Portable OR not JUST AS LONG AS ITS BASS!? [ also what’s better 10x4w or 2x20w to make 40w?


So I want a bass portable speaker 


what’s better ? 4 speakers that make 40w or 2 big ones that make 40w up? 


I don’t care really I just want bass lol


my budget is £55 NO MORE


these are 2 I could find that have the most watts... unless anyone knows any better ones “ again I want BASS ! also I don’t need it portable I just want a £55 Speaker than can vibrate the floor a bit lol or just has really good bass 


my friend had the poweradd soundfly the one listed below... it had ok bass,,,,,,, but that’s why I ask if the other one would be better? Or if there’s a speaker for £55 that goes into mains and has bass I don’t care









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