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3D Modeling Build


Hello all and thank you in advance for your advice!


This is my first post but I have been reading thru many on here which have provided a great wealth of insight for me. From that I want to start my first build and here is what has been going thru my head to reach my goal.


First I have a budget of 3k for the system,MAX, but would certainly like to spend no more than 2k.

I need it to manipulate 3D models, which favors clock speed, and I do some gaming which favors clock speed(obviously)

Not sure if just a single GTX/RTX card would be good for this or a dual set up using a P4000 or such card in conjunction with a gaming card.

My programs I use are Solidworks,Autocad,NX,Sketchup,Lumion,and Revit.

This will be used with VR, if that makes a difference.

I also have usually 40 tabs open on chrome if that makes a difference.

This will also be on 1 34" 3440x1440p monitor with 2 secondary 24" 1080p as secondary information( stocks,feeds, nav trees, etc)


I have been using a laptop for this(G73JH) for the past 8 years and it is hardly running. But that means my upgrade cycle is about that.


Now I can easily build a computer but I did find a prebuilt computer that fits in my budget that has the top of line GPU and CPU in it(at the very end). But don't know about anything else so if this is great buy then let me know.


Now saying that, I put together 2 builds, AMD and Intel. I know Intel is king in IPC but I dont know what the future holds and its greatly more expensive. I do want to build this by the end of the year.

Please tell me where I overkilled it or where I could get better but I want it in the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Case. Fricken love the look.



So here are the lists in which green means obtained, red is well undecided in this list.


Intel: Projected $2935



AMD: Projected $2746   -use supplied cooler




All in one, questionable, system



Thank you greatly again!



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If you are wanting to buy the Intel one you are going to have to wait as firstly the processor has not been released yet. Then once it comes out it is going to be out of stock for a while as a lot of them with get bought up, especially the cheaper ones like the one you are going for

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Thats fine. I dont mind waiting as long as it is worth it.

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