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LG monitor not recieving DP-IN


Hey i bought a LG 34UC88-B curved 34 inch 3440 x 1440 QHD AH-IPS 300 cd/m^2 monitor.


It worked fine for the first 10 months, but then suddenly it sometimes stopped working with DP-IN. It started with it just dropping of, and then i would remove the cable and put it in an hour later and it would work. Time has gone and it took longer and longer time per cable removal for it to work again. It works very random, Sometimes it was a PC reboot or a monitor reboot, which would enable the DP-IN again. Most times it worked by removing the cable, putting HDMI in, use that and put DP-IN until it suddenly worked. 

Now. I have also tried flashing the Motherboard because the whole PC IS posting and working. The monitor stops showing video. And the flash makes the monitor work briefly and then it drops back to not working. Now i'm sitting with a montior which main selling points (Freesync, 3440x1440, 75hz, IPS) dont work. 

Does anyone know about a Fix, someone who has the same problem or if its a general problem with this monitor or something
I have tried to contact LG support but they keep reffering to a Specialist who doesnt answer my mails. 


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