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Dell XPS15 9560 battery 'deactivated'?


During a recent accident with my Dell XPS15 9560, one of the battery pins on the main board snapped off (its a 12pin connector from the battery). After much effort I managed to get a makeshift pin reattached (looks a bit hacky but hey :))


In windows (and Bios) the battery level of 80% is shown however it also complains the battery must be replaced and does not charge..The laptop does not power on without the AC adaptor (and dies if i remove it)


My suspicion is that the battery is actually OK, i cant imagine why the battery would actually have a problem.. Further to this i suspect the laptop itself has disabled the battery (due to the missing pin it probably panicked and told the battery to shut itself off).. I ran the laptop for a couple of weeks in this state (missing pin but battery connected)


Anyways, is such a scenario possible (battery ok but disabled)? If so is there any way to reactive the battery? Unfortunately damage is not covered by the warranty meaning i would need to probably buy a new battery, but ideally would like to confirm this before i do.


Thanks for any ideas/thoughts on this.


Merely for reference i found a post with photos showing the connectors on the main board and the battery:



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Batteries like this that have many pins on then are not smart batteries, they have little to no circuitry in them. The connector you see is a type of balance charger and it needs all pins for it to work. Otherwise the charger(the device in the laptop, not the AC adaptor) thinks one of the cells is dead. If you get a new battery connector it could work. 

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merely an update.. In the end I replaced the battery and the problem is resolved. However I am still not convinced that the old battery is defective, but rather software disabled... 

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