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**EDIT: FIXED **After GTA5 Update LOW FPS with 980ti


Hey guys, before this recent GTA5 update, i used to get 100-150 fps on 2560x1440 with very high preset, after this update, i get 25 fps on the exact same settings. All other games are running just fine. The exact same fps across the board of games I play, Fortnite, Blops3 all the same. GPU is boosting fine, normal clock speed and normal usage with normal temps, just doesnt make any sense. Looking around steam forums ive only found a few people with the issue and no fix has been found. 




Intel i7 7700k @ 4.5 GHz

Corsair 16gb DDR4 @ 2400MHz

EVGA GTX 980ti SC w ACX 2.0 Driver: 416.34



EDIT*************** FIXED! For some reason frame scaling was on and set to 4.5 after i updated it, never noticed.

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