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Outlook365 Jumbles Up Email Account

Hello all,


I am having a problem with my work computers not recognizing one of my staff's email addresses anymore. Randomly all of a sudden with Outlook 365 on her computer, it changed her email address to be [letters and numbers@domain.com]. I have looked for a resolution on Windows.com threads and have come up with non-answer resolutions that are rather infuriating. I am looking to get it back to working status.


We operate of an exchange server through Amazon Workmail. Now what's interesting is that her laptop can still get emails just fine like she was regularly, but then all of a sudden the desktop she has here in the office is coming up with this error. It's leading me to believe that since Outlook appears to have been updated it's causing an issue with working with our exchange server correctly.


I have tried to log in to her account on other computers here in the office but it's doing the same thing on those computers. Only thing I have noticed that is consistent is that the email accounts have all been updated recently to the newest versions of outlook. The things I have done are referenced here. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook-mso_other-mso_2016/outlook-upgrade-and-outlookletters-and/c6d9437e-f1d1-474f-8c98-7db612cd7154 and although I have created an alias to try this, it is not allowing me to switch at this time as it says I should try again next week.


Any assistance would be great in trying to get this to be resolved as she is the only one affected on my corporate email accounts...for now. I fear this may start to happen to my other staff members here in the future and I'd like to get ahead of the problem before it blows up in my face.

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this is not a question that would be appropriate for the forum. 

people can and will help but if its a professional issue then its better to talk to your email provider

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