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Question about modding a DIN keyboard


So i work at a tech store where we get stuff to recycle, a week ago we got a shipment of old stuff, my boss not realising it cut off the cords to a few mechanical keyboards. I noticed that, took the keyboards in and i want to now fix them.


I have 3 Chicony KB-5181 and a KB-5191. The latter is already PS/2 if i saw correctly, but the 5181 is older, has a DIN connector. My question is, since i need to replace the cable anyway, can i solder on a PS/2 cable or does it need to be a DIN cable? IIRC the DIN and PS/2 are somewhat the same so it could be doable right?


Since finding DIN cables is harder cause we don't get many DIN keyboards, but we have a shitton of PS/2 keyboards i could open up and take the cable from them.

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