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Boot from NVMe on a PCIe card intel 6x chipset

So I have a Samsung 970 EVO SSD mounted on a PCIe adapter card and an Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3. I have the drive running in windows 10 and can use it as a storage drive but it will not show up in the bios to make it a main/bootable drive.  A little research and I found that the Intel Z68 Express Chip set does not  support M.2 drives. I also read that you can hack your bios with a newer chip set bios and make the drive discover able. So the search for software to mod my bios ends with a ton of very suspect sites and software. If I can get this to work, my booting SATA SSD will go to my Son.....So he is hoping for help too. :)



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