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Overclocking i7-5960X to 4.5ghz


Hey guys im currently trying to boost my CPU from its current Overclock of 4.0ghz to 4.5ghz. So far its been going great until ive attempted to validate and monitor the core clock speed.
The system boots fine into Windows but for some reason Windows Task Manager is only reporting 3.6ghz, CPU-Z is reporting 3.0ghz as well as incorrect voltage. The only programs that seems to report correctly is Speecy and ASUS Dual Intelligent Processor 5.

Im at a loss at the moment as to what could be causing this. If I benchmark, performance and temperatures are where they are expected to be for this overclock. If i back the clock back down to 4.2ghz everything gets reported correctly.


Specs and voltages -

i7-5960X @4.5ghz, CPU Core = 1.295v, System Agent = 1.16v, VCCIO CPU = 1.08v, CPU Input = 1.91v, CPU Cache = 1.16v, VCCIO PCH = 1.08v. Other voltages are either at stock or set on Auto.

CPU Power Phase Control = Extreme, CPU LLC = Level 7, CPU Current Capacity = 140%, VRM Spread Spectrum = Off, CPU Power Duty Control = Extreme

32GB G.Skill 15-15-15-35 @3000mhz

ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme 3.1 (BIOS 3701 Latest)

1200W Corsair AX1200i (CPU Full-load pulls 31A on the 12v, that holds stable at 12.05v)


Is it a Windows issue?

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