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Why did you buy an iPhone?

I am an iPhone 8 user

I prefer it because

  1. The iPhone 8 has big bezels, which I can use to hold it
  2. Security
  3. iTunes on my PC

Gaming Rig

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600

GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 4GB OC

RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR4-2400 

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AX370M-DS3H

CPU Cooler: Deepcool Ice Edge Mini FS V2.0

SSD: WD Blue SSD 250 GB



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I still currently own an iPhone 7 256GB (The difference is price is such that its worth paying the extra - even though I don't need it). 


1) iCloud Integration, and Continuity/Handoff.

Especially messages is so handy, I can take calls and texts from my MacBook and all my files sync in real time. I think many people underestimate how great it actually is, although I haven't had an Android in a while. So many people talk about the Mac ecosystem - iMessage/FaceTime, It means I can keep in touch with my family anywhere, for free, which is so important - even If I lose my phone, and If I do it's no worries with Find My iPhone.

2) Convenience.

When I want a photo, It's just one swipe, when I want to see that photo, it's already on my MacBook when I get home - or I can AirDrop it easily. Sending files over the network is so finicky with an Android and PC. When I want an App, it's all laid out in a manner for me thats very intuitive and I can use it very easily. Having a simple phone is what I need, when people say Android is complex and you can customise it - thats not for me. I just want a phone that works and does what I want when I want it. 

3) Toughness. 

Apple's iPhone faces the toughest scrutiny of all the phones, mainly due to their reputation and price. They live up to it however, my sister dropped her iPhone 6 from a rollercoaster going 200km/h down around 200m - not a joke, and (It was in a case - but still impressive) just picked it up like nothing happened. iPhones have always had Gorilla Glass and are pretty solid phones -  Bendgate being the exception. They have toughed up over the years too. I work outdoors a lot, and go to the gym a lot. I need a tough phone. 

4) Service

I've head the things people have had to put up with, especially from you Linus and Rossman - but I've never had that experience so I can't say bad things! When I broke my phone beyond repair they offered a replacement for a 1/3 of the price, for a new phone! $400AU instead of $1399. They didn't even make my 7 anymore, and I was greeted with a new one complete with free 2-year warranty in an hour - they shipped it in right there and then! Coming from NZ we don't get that service anywhere. Story was much the same when my MacBook Pro keyboard broke. New Keyboard in 3 days no questions asked and all under warranty. 

5) Connectivity

I have a CarPlay only head unit - so if I want that feature I need an iPhone. I like my music in my car without 3.5" connectivity which degrades somewhat compared to USB CarPlay. My Family also all have MacBooks and iPads/iPhone etc, so if I want to stay in touch with iMessage/FaceTime I'm locked in. We also have HomeKit all setup and Apple TVs. They all work flawlessly with our devices and with out Netgear Routers. I just don't know how I would go about setting up an Android with it. 

6) Design

They do look very nice as far as phones go! They don't look cheap and I like it. The new iPhone models look absolutely stunning. It's pretty subjective but they have nice materials, great screens and, maybe could look better with a few tweaks, but honestly my 7 still looks great compared to today's models. 

7) Support

These details are going to look a bit slack, because I'd just be repeating myself ;). Even today I just don't see any reason to upgrade from my 7. I'm going to use it till it breaks or it runs out of support in still a few years, which being in a lifetime case - the latter will be true. I've just been needing to upgrade my watch, which I might even wait for the Apple Watch 5/6 and I still have the original. Everything still works flawlessly and fast - especially with iOS12. 

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I was seriously considering moving to the OnePlus 6, when I saw the costs of the new iPhones. I upgraded from a iPhone 7 Plus.  When I got to the shop, I was playing with the Android phones and was instantly reminded why I never switched back, since testing the iPhone the first time. The reasons why I chose to spend my money on an iPhone again:


1. Smooth OS

2. New OS available to everyone, from launch

3. Everything just works out of the box

4. Easiest phone switch experience

5. I am happy with the camera

6. One of the best sounding speakers on a phone (See video from UT)

7. Bragging rights. :-P 


I went for the iPhone Xs Max, because I wanted the bigger screen.

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On 10/15/2018 at 11:15 AM, seoz said:

Android was far too fragmented with the software updates

could you explain this to me? I don't see the appeal of software updates.

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On 10/16/2018 at 2:55 AM, super88 said:

3) Design: In my opinion apple has the best designs, they always find a way to make the phone look stunning, they also add more premium feeling using better materials

4) Camera: You can film at 4K 60 fps in a phone, when you normally need a reflex DSLR to do that

3: They use airplane waste materials..
4: Every major flagship nowdays can do the same

6: The reason people upgrade their phones is that the next ones tend to be better not that after 3 years it's absolutely unusable

Motherboard: MSI BM250-PRO-VD           <-- Build 1    Build 2 -->        Motherboard: ASRock Z370M Pro4                     
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700                                                   CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K
GPU: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1080                                          GPU: Gigabyte Windforce OC GTX660 (Saving money for RTX 2080)
RAM: 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz                                        RAM: HyperX Predator 16gb DDR4 3000mhz
PSU: Seasonic M12II EVO 620w Bronze+                                      PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold Plus 650W
CPU Cooler: Gammax 400                                                    CPU Cooler: Gammax 400
SSD: Kingston A400 250GB                                                  HDD/SSD: 3 * 1TB WD blue Kingston A400 250GB 
Headphones: HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA                                                                                               Case: Thermaltake V200 RGB
Monitor: LG 24GM77                                                                                                               Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 600
CaseFans: 3 140mm                                                                                                                Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+
HDD: 1TB 7200RPM
Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 500
Phone: Nokia 7 plus

hehe yeaaah boy


You want to code but don't know how ? (Personal list)


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On 10/18/2018 at 7:54 AM, SinisterVirtue said:

This is going to sound really stupid, but, I drive a 2016 Chevy Silverado and I wanted to play Soundcloud through the radio because I can't get access to foreign music on Pandora. So, I tested my buddy's iPhone 7 and the software sync'd up perfectly to my radio, unlike my Samsung S7 where I had to download a special app, even with the app from Android, SoundCloud wasn't usable. So, I upgraded to an iPhone X and it works as intended. 

and that's what I meant by feature creep being a good thing, LOL

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5 hours ago, poochyena said:

could you explain this to me? I don't see the appeal of software updates.

When you have different phones running different versions of Android - such as my S8 running Android 8.0.0 while the Pixel 3 is running 9 out of the box - that's where I have a problem with the Android ecosystem.

Everyone is fragmented to different versions, it's not uniform like how Apple does it.

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1 hour ago, R click said:

Bruh.... My s7 receives updates every 3 weeks whatcha talking about

on Verizon? My S7 edge never updated. 

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I've been using iPhone 7 plus since its launch. I mostly chose an iphone because i wanted it to work when i needed it.  I work for an IT company and support both android and apple for users.  I have A LOT more issues with people using android devices then apple.  Either apps are crashing, email stopped flowing, or can't connect to wifi. 


I am with Rogers, and my plan will be expiring this year, i will most likely replace with whatever FOTM iphone is available. And since I've already invested into the apple Eco system for apps/games and those can be transferred without having to re-purchase them.


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On 10/15/2018 at 1:02 PM, LinusTech said:

So my iPhone Xs video ended up being a rant about the things that bug me about the iPhone experience. It wasn't intentional, but that's what it was.


I was kind of thinking a nice accompanying piece would be 10 GREAT Reasons you Should Buy an iPhone. I'll start with a couple:


- Apple legitimately takes end-user security seriously. They don't have a perfect track record here, but they can also be credited with creating pressure on other industry players to move in this direction.

- Device support - Batterygate notwithstanding, Apple's track record for phone support is untouchable. Show me one company that provides phone OS updates more consistently and for longer than apple.


*** I don't really want to hear from the Android owners here. I want to hear from current iPhone users - For bonus points, please list what iPhone you're currently using and why you are using that particular one ***

jailbreaking experience is much better than skinned / stock android / rooted android experience, I already know how to jailbreak and to set up everything perfectly

simple, and easy to use: actually just a grid of icons, and a multi tasking thing

looks nice, I really like the way iOS looks, and how third party apps try to stick to the iOS look instead of being it's own clusterfuck of UI (and I don't like material design too)

I prefer having a home button only instead of having a multitasking and a back button, I keep hitting the back button by accident with my hand while holding the phone and same thing goes with the multi tasking button, and using the on screen buttons will either have me accidentally click it when tapping other UI elements, or takes up too much time compared to clicking a button

great mutlitasking gesture for left handed users, such as I, especially on a plus sized phone: am able to access multi tasking naturally using my left hand, using the 3D touch gesture on my iPhone 6s+

it is much easier to access the control center on the bottom of the phone instead of having to swipe up from the top of the screen - that requires me shifting my hand from the bottom of the phone to the top so I can hit it, more chance of me dropping my phone 

dedicated mute switch


aluminium back (I hate glass back phone, as much as it feels good, one drop, is gg)

headphone jack (I need a headphone jack, funny coming from an iPhone user, but the 6s is the last generation to have a headphone jack soo..)

lightning to charge is nice, not as nice as USB C but still stupidly better than micro USB

easier to open that most glass backed android phones because no glass back, just unscrew and slowly pry open with suction cup

easy to replace the battery, if needed, although apple does have official sources to replacing your battery / the whole phone from a apple authorized place 


not to mention your security and support thing, which is a big bonus too. am somewhat paranoid sadly about my data / security (funny coming from a active windows 10 user)

the really big bonus though is the support, I hate the mentality of having to upgrade your phone every two years to stay up to date on even security / OS updates, the A9 is fast enough for what I do on my phone: Discord, Telgram, and Safari


why iPhone 6s+

- was the newest one when I was buying a new phone 

- Note 5 has shit shit battery life, I wanted a plus sized phone coming from an iPhone 4 

- Any other android phone would have a snapdragon 810 which is  hot hot hot , thermal throttling hot

- OIS, big feature for me


reasons to not upgrade:

- any iPhone after the 6s doesn't have the headphone jack

- any iPhone after the 7 has a glass back

- android is not iOS, and I really do not want to be bothered on fixing android so that it feels and looks like iOS 

- A9 is fast enough for me. I don't game on my phone, just send messages and watch youtube

- OLED is terrible for long term usage; burnin




Ryzen 5 3600 stock | 2x16GB C13 3200MHz (AFR) | GTX 760 (Sold the VII)| ASUS Prime X570-P | 6TB WD Gold (128MB Cache, 2017)

Samsung 850 EVO 240 GB 

138 is a good number.


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18 hours ago, poochyena said:

could you explain this to me? I don't see the appeal of software updates.

Personally, I like my phone getting new functionality and keeping fresh. Sure, sometimes they make changes that I'm not thrilled with but for the most part it's really exciting to me.

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Current : iPhone 7 Plus 128gb (bought last month second hand for £350, immaculate). Bought because I take a lot of photos and video


Previous (smart) phones: (2003 HTC Himalaya/O2 XDA II, 2008 Samsung Omnia 2, 2009 HTC Wildfire S, 2012 Samung Note 2, 2015 Samsung Note 4 + iPhone 5s as a toy, 2017 iPhone 6S+ 64gb)


Also am 'supporting' an LG G3, Xiaomi Note 4 which I have bought for family members. I've bought most of my phones heavily discounted or second hand. 


Reason for moving to iOS: the infamous Note 4 emmc failure that left me disgusted. The Note 4 was a fantastic device and I wouldn't have got rid of it for years otherwise. Was going to buy a Xiaomi (amazing value for money, and I can tweak the OS), but was comfortable with iOS's quirks - pros and cons from having used the 5s at the same time as the Note. I'd implemented workarounds for almost everything I needed to do by using cloud services and scripts on my desktop PC. So I found a cheap 6S+ and jumped on it. 


2 years into using the iPhone as the primary it's main benefits are :


* the updates don't tend to break things (although iOS 11 was not great at first for battery issues. ).

* the apps are always slick 

* the camera, with a separate app like Camera+ is excellent. I'm a hobbyist photographer and whilst I miss my DSLR if I'm out and about and don't have it, it's amazing what you can achieve with the iPhone camera. 

* apple supporting the devices for so long. The 5S is still going as a backup and works great with ios12. The 6S+, well, I hardly see any difference between the 7 and it to be honest, but I needed to give it to my diabetic dad to use with his continuous glucose monitor (rather than buying him a cheap android phone which he might have struggled with, the iPhone is simple). Additional benefit was the Apple Watch can also be used to monitor his blood sugar - perfect and life changing solution.


and what I miss


* the much easier ability to use an android phone as a portable storage device easily (solved with a 128gb usb stick on a keychain)

* The Torque app on android for diagnosing cars. 

* an IR blaster. 

* I'd prefer to have a headphone jack, but I used headphones twice in the year I had the 6S+ so it's not an issue for me. 



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On 10/19/2018 at 4:40 AM, ZacoAttaco said:

Nova Launcher is a very useful tool when using my Android and I do miss that control that it offered.

I'll stick to custom rom because most of those launcher brings adware virus bloat which is sucks, Each time i connected to the wifi and bammm a new apps installed without me knowing it.

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Bought my first iPhone (3GS) when Android wasn't really a thing yet. Nokia and its Symbian OS was all the rage.

While Nokia smartphones had great specs and the customisability of Symbian was truly impressive even by todays standards, it was riddled with bugs and poor quality control. Every single Nokia I owned had to be serviced at some point due to some inexplicable hardware or software failure. For example, slider phones would always develop an incredibly annoying wobble over time, or, in one particular case, opening the camera's mechanical shutter would cause the whole phone to crash... It was so frustrating!

Cue some day in 2009 when the iPhone 3GS was released, the first iPhone with video recording. That was the feature that finally convinced me to go to an Apple Store and try out the iPhone in person. And oh my god! The sensitivity of the capacity touch-screen and the smoothness of the iOS navigation simply blew me away when compared to the offerings from competitors. Bought my first iPhone a few weeks later. An iPhone 4S and 5S after some more time... Currently still rocking a maxed out iPhone 7.


And, what is more surprising, in the 9 years of iPhone ownership, I never had the iPhone give me any major problems. No hardware failure (aside from the worn out batteries) in 9 years! And the few software hick-ups I did have, I was able to resolve by restoring the firmware.

There were a couple of times were I was considering going Android due to the cost factor, but every time I try the Android flagship in a store - even something like an S9 - the OS experience never feels as smooth as the iPhone. Android is definitely closing the gap, especially in the last few years. But I'm not sure if it's the software optimisation, or animation differences, but I just don't like how the UI navigation feels on Android.

My only problem with Apple is that recently the prices keep inflating with very little new features. Would like to upgrade my 7 soon, but neither the iPhone 8, X, or the XS seem like a very big technological jump, especially for the price. My previous upgrades of 3GS -> 4S, 4S -> 5S, and 5S -> 7.... I could feel the difference between the phones every time, whether it be the screen, camera, processing power, design, or something else. But I can't feel any significant difference between the newer iPhones and my old 7. Honestly, the new X series is just awkward and bulky in the hand, and... well... boring. And I'm not too keen to shell out $1500 (!!!) for a phone like that just yet...

EDIT: grammar

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iPhone 6s user. Backup and Restore is great. I actually like the EarPod headphones. Integration with the radio in my truck works better than it does with Android. I also own an HTC One M8, and while I loved that phone, for some reason there has never been, as far as I can tell, a new release of Android has never been released for that handset. Its a 32 GB Harmon Kardon edition on the Sprint network. I will some day try another Android phone, but having experienced Apple's Carplay in a rental car some months go, I probably won't be trying another android any time soon.

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8 hours ago, Ya_Mi said:

I'll stick to custom rom because most of those launcher brings adware virus bloat which is sucks, Each time i connected to the wifi and bammm a new apps installed without me knowing it.

I use Nova Launcher and there's no issues like that there. It's one of, if not the most popular launcher for Android.

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15 hours ago, ZacoAttaco said:

I use Nova Launcher and there's no issues like that there. It's one of, if not the most popular launcher for Android.

Alright i'll give it a shoot. I use Apex launcher.

Behold the power of Chuck Norris the forbidden one.

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I've used an iPhone 7 for 2 years now. I bought it pretty absent-mindedly, didn't do any research into what other android offerings there were. but I was using a 5th Gen iPod touch at the time alongside a Moto X2.  I was familiar with iOS and how it worked on my iPod and iPad and it was no trouble getting used to the iPhone. I was a little peeved initially about the lack of headphone jack but even to this day I use wired earphones with no trouble. I've run beta software on it exclusives for about 18 months out of the last 2 years and had less issues than I had with my Moto X2. It was less buggy, slowed down less and hasn't really had to be reset or anything. As for battery health, the settings option says 84% which is ok since it gets fast charged every night. With iOS 12 it's felt a lot smoother and nicer to use. That said, looking at other android offerings, I'm very tempted by the LG V40, but I'll probably end up with an XS or XS Max. 


In short, Apple's always been reliable to me so I continue using it. 

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On 10/19/2018 at 1:45 PM, poochyena said:

could you explain this to me? I don't see the appeal of software updates.

It means that vulnerabilities are quickly patched before hackers exploit it on a larger scale. Also, this will include bug fixes and new features. 


As I’ve said before, iOS 12 is a significant leap from the train wreck that is iOS 11 as it breathed new life on older phones like the iPhone 5s and iPad Air from 2013 with the A7 chip inside. 

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Also, when @LinusTech is complaining about the lack of auto complete within the dialer, little did he know you can do it within Spotlight. Just pull down from the home screen and start typing a number. 


There is more that meets the eye
I see the soul that is inside


Making Windows Defender as good or even better than paid options

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Just now, captain_to_fire said:

Also, when @LinusTech is complaining about the lack of auto complete within the dialer, little did he know you can do it within Spotlight. Just pull down from the home screen and start typing a number. 


That's a neat feature - I've never tried it myself.


But I hope they integrate that feature into the calling app itself in a future update.

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12 minutes ago, captain_to_fire said:

Also, when @LinusTech is complaining about the lack of auto complete within the dialer, little did he know you can do it within Spotlight. Just pull down from the home screen and start typing a number. 



does it auto-completes the number or does it act like T9 Dialing?  if it's auto-completing the number than it doesn't really help if i actually don't know the numbers 



Intel i7 4790K (4.0 GHz) | MSI Z97-GAMING 5 | Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1866 2x8GB | Asus GeForce GTX 1070 OC Strix | Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB | Corsair RM 850W | Corsair H90 94.0 CFM | Logitech® Wireless Combo MK330 | Cooler Master HAF XM | Dell S2240L 60Hz 21.5 IPS | 


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Reasons I use an iPhone SE

  • My parents bought me one
  • The iOS operating system is way more intuitive and easier to use
  • The iPhone simply looks better
  • Every device in our house is Apple aside from our TV and our stereo equipment, it makes it so much easier to sync my phone and everything 
  • The iPhones usually are better quality, I know this can be debatable but the difference between and iPhone and and Android is the difference between a Mercedes and a Honda, although the Honda may have some new features like lane keep assistant etc, the lane keep assistance of the Honda wont be anywhere as good as the Lane Keep assistant of the Mercedes, the same applies for the iPhone and Android, although they may share similar features Apple does it better (this statement is very biased)
  • iPhones last longer, I've had my iPhone SE for probably about 2 years now and it still works like new, something many of my friends with Android phones can't really say
  • iCloud, I can share my calendar, notes, contacts, music and pretty much everything with my mac
  • Seems to be pretty drop resistant. My case is most certainly not the strongest, its is a super slim black plastic case that i mainly got for the looks, I've dropped my phone several times from heights that I know my friend with a Samsung phone has dropped his and had it break
  • I always get better reception with my iPhone in school than the kids with non iPhones
  • Social Status 
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