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840M core clock dropping and makes fps drop

Hi, so I have a ASUS X550LN laptop with 840M. And a random problem appeared as you can say from the title.

Things I tried :

  • Playing around with power options in Windows settings and NVIDIA CP,

  • Reinstalling my GPU drivers

  • Running AIDA64 to check if there's no thermal throttle just to be sure, and there wasn't any.

Temperatures are good, about 60-70 on GPU and about 70-75 on CPU. I think the problem might be because it's hitting the power limit but I don't know what to do about it, one guy suggested limit fps but I already get about only 30-40fps on most games and I can't undervolt the GPU either, it's locked. I tried undervolting the CPU (I just thought maybe that would help), and I did about -0.060V and the result is still the same. So do you have any suggestions?


Might that be because of my unoriginal charger?

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