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Are files designated with this format...




"%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32\inetsrv\ [ftpres.dll]"


Are they hidden because they are put into brackets?


What about something like this?

"HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PowerShell\1\PowerShellSnapIns\webAdministration\* [*]"


I also searched registry for HKCU\Software\Microsoft\UEV\Agent [UserConsoleVersion] but cannot find it.

HKCU is under User.registry in Windows 10 iso files.

But I've searched through cmd, file explorer, and regedit and found nothing for any of these types of files.


Also wondering if these "{78F5FB1A-0DF8-4311-863F-039187AD8E90}" are hidden?


I have 'show hidden files' and 'do not hide known file types' (show file types) both ticked.

I still can't find half of the resource files in the iso on my own system....

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