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custom power supply cables


Hello, I am planning on creating custom power supply cables for my computer and I have a couple questions.

1. What would be a safe estimate for the total length of sleeving and wire I would need to cover all of my cables? Of course I'll make the actual measurements when I'm making the cables but I won't have access to the computer until I will actually want to make the cables. I am fine getting more than I may need for the peace of mind. Here are the relevant details that I could think of: Case-Phanteks P400; Power Supply-Seasonic M12II 520 Bronze; Motherboard-Asus Z170-K; Graphics Card-MSI GTX 980 OCV1. So 24 lengths for the motherboard, 8 for the cpu, 12 for the gpu, what else should be sleeved?

2. I should get 16awg wire right? Anything specific I should look for or can I just go to my local hardware store and ask for 16 guage wire? I often see 2.4mm and 2mm wire, which to get or does it not matter?

3. Do I need to get Seasonic specific headers for the power supply side of the cable? Or can I use regular female connectors on both ends?

4. I'm planning on using MDPC-X sleeving. Are there any tips or information I should know? I'm planning on getting the sleeving from mod-one.com, are there any other suppliers I take a look at instead?

5. If I wanted to also sleeve sata, molex, maybe fan cables to my motherboard, would the process be the same?

If you need more details to give me an answer, I would be glad to provide them. Thanks!



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Did you read the sleeving part of the FAQ? 

1.1 Hardly depends on your build. Even 100m is possible. For example one 50cm 24 pin power connector is 12m sleeve/cable + excess. 

1.2 Sleeve anything visible

2. Read the datasheet of your crimp connectors. They specify the range of AWG you can use. 16 AWG sounds good.

3. Check the connector. If it does not match the psu then it is the wrong connector. Most likely they are still standard but not a normal pc connector. PC mod shops or straight up electronic distributor like mouser or digikey can help. Otherwise just reuse the original cables and connector.

4. Never used this brand before.

5. Process is the same.

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On 10/11/2018 at 2:32 PM, Sombra said:


If your plan is to make your own cables from scratch you'll need some tools to start off, basic set of wire strippers, flush trim cutters, crimpers. In general for ATX units the standard is 18 AWG going up larger to 16 AWG isn't an issue as it has more current carry capacity and will give a larger look to the sleeved cables themselves which a lot of people tend to prefer. For places to get cable connectors and supplies, Mod-one, Mainframe customs, Singularity Computers. 

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