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Z390 Boards: 8+4 Pin ATX?

Good morning (here in europe),


I followed Intel's livestream about the new processors yesterday. Whilst looking for suitable mainboards, I figured out that most z390 mainboards have one 8-Pin ATX and one 4-Pin ATX connector. Now I'm confused. Most PSUs below 700W only have a 4+4 Pin ATX connector (not 8+4).


So do I really need all the connectors or is it just for "overclocking enthusiasts"? I don't have a clue what to buy right now :D


Hope to find an answer soon. Greetings from Germany,






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3 minutes ago, Lutschmongo said:

So who needs the additional 4 Pins then?

Overclockers, pushing an 8c/16t cpu at potentially 5ghz a core is gonna take a lot of power, and so will LN2 overclockers going for world records in particular. 

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If you are spending $500 on a cpu and another $300 on a mb, go with a PSU that can support the extra connectors.  

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  • 7 months later...

Dumb question. Can you take an extra pcie cable and use that as the cpu 4 pin if your psu only has the one 8pin connector for cpu power? or is that the wrong voltage?


on an evga 650 g3 using gigabyte gaming x z390 9700k  and a 2060



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