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ID COOLING Frostflow+ 240mm AIO CPU Cooler(snow edition).- $60


I've never really liked water/liquid cooling as there are many points of failure, but for once I'm glad I tried out this cooler. 

I know I asked around the forum a lot of ppl said to stick with my shadow rock lp but I had a black and white system in my office, and the thing looked so sexy being all white. 

Here's are good and bads to the aio for your considerations. 


White in colour (an alternative to all the black rads and tubes) 

Sleeved tubing (white tubes)

Comes in 3 sizes with both colours (120mm,240mm and 280mm)

NON-RGB Puke just sweet Ole white led on pump (pump is quieter then the fans) 

Last but not least its only USD$60 (the non white version is $10 cheaper in my area) 


Fans are pretty loud at max revolution (had to set at lower rpm for  silent running) 

270mm radiator (usually at 240mm rads most of them are around 300-350mm thickness for better fin density) 

No RGB options on pump (unless you get the auraflow+ which is $20 more) 


So far my system has been running 24/7 for a week temps on the 2600 hasn't passed 54.

Sorry if I wasted any of your time just wanted to share my experience with everyone that a budget liquid aio for my first time, gave me a good impression. Thank you?

Best Value Build List

Budget 1080p System (RGB) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7v2Lmq - (this build comes with two free games with the RX 570) 

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