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Benq EW3270U hdr issues on Xbox one x

I've had this monitor for a few months and have noticed that hdr is way too dark in certain games and alot of the time standard mode looks better than hdr mode, I play on Xbox one x. I am also looking for a proper calibration for non hdr content because I can't really find anything. Games with the worst hdr issues are forza horizon 3 and 4 and destiny 2 and games that hdr works but is still a little dark is assassin's Creed orgins, farcry 5, sea of thieves, gears of war 4 and Witcher 3. I have found that some games are easier to calibrate than others such as far cry 5 and assassin's Creed what have a visual representation of what your changing but other games such as destiny 2 have no visual representation and end with me going in and out of the menu until it looks alright. Destiny 2 has some issues with brightness and some areas are that dark that you cannot see anything, the colors look really good though compared to standard, I don't know if this is the game or the monitor. When I was researching this monitor everything I looked at said hdr improved the image overall and boosted the brightness, so I am unsure if it's a problem with the software or the games or if the monitor just is not that good. If anyone knows what the problem could be it would be much appreciated if you were able to help me with it.

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