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Weird artifacts when running @ 75 Hz

Out of nowhere started getting weird artifacting on the bottom half of my monitor during start-up or when waking from sleep. At first thought it may be an issue with GPU.


Tried two known good GPUs with same issues (both Nvidia GTX 10 series cards) still was getting same issue


Then I went maybe overboard but I installed a new motherboard and CPU. Still getting same artifacting.


Then went into Display settings and lowered refresh from 75-60 Hz and problem seemed to get better at first. Yet after a while I noticed it happening again just not as prevalent.


Turned on VSync no dice.


Monitor seems to be functioning but have not been able to test seperate monitor yet but what else could it be?


GPU is good, Memory is good, CPU is good,Problem only happens when windows is booting or waking up from sleep??? It's fine during POST and also usually is fine during normal use but still this issue nags me. 


Could it be issue with PSU??? Any advice would be much obliged. Thank You


msi X470 MoBo

Ryzen 7 2700X W/NZXT Kraken X AIO cooler

msi Aero GTX 1080

16GB Patriot Viper Elite DDR4

Windows 10 Home

EVGA 650W fully modular PSU

LG 27” 75HZ IPS LED 75Hz Monitor. 



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