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Problem with ASUS R510VX-DM151D


Hello everyone,


I hope that I posted in the right place, this is my first post, in which I am asking for some help. I own an Asus R510VX-DM151D, which was having overheating issues, and decided that I will ditch the warranty as it was already 4 times there with multiple issues, and to try to fix this issue. At first, when I bought it I was able to play overwatch at almost ultra settings and it was running very well, over time(after the other issues started to appear like random reboots, freezes while playing with a lot of distortionated sound) and when I decided to take the matter into my own hands while playing my graphics card would get at 85-0 degrees Celcius, and the Cpu at 90 to 100.  I also wanted to change replace the 1TB HDD with an SSD, and take out the optical drive and put a caddy in there for my HDD. So me and 2 other friends took it apart, changed the thermal paste for the graphics card and for the CPU, replaced the optical drive with the CPU, reinstalled windows and now I am facing the following issue, the thermals mostly did not change at all, and it looks like the graphics card won't work at all. When I try to install the Nvidia driver it says installation completed and when I restart it says that I need to install it again, and in device manager, it has a triangle(see attached pics). I tried all the troubleshooting online, and also I tried to reinstall the windows, same issue... If someone has any idea what might've happened.. Also, the temperature shown in the screenshots is in idle.. 


Thanks in advance.



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