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Windows 10 calendar keeps automatically switching account colors since October Update


Okay so this has me driving nuts and this issue doesn't show up on Google. Ever since my last Windows update (v. 1803) the colors atacched to the different calendars from different accounts keep automatically changing. So if you take a look at my attachment, you'll see that the bottom calendar is blue and the one above is green. For months I've had it the other way around - the way I want it to be - but ever since the last windows update it keeps going back to this.

Possibly relevant information:

  • The calendars that keep switching colour are both exchange accounts from the same University
  • The colours from the two gmail calendars never changed
  • I have my Microsoft account linked as well but both calendars are disabled in the Win10 calendar app (like the contacts on my gmail account)
  • When I manually put the colors back to the way I like them, they revert back to what they're like in the screenshot after closing the calendar app and reopening it or after a reboot.

If anyone knows what to do and can help me out that would be greatly appreciated.


My personal rig: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/139780-zalman-my-first-build/

I use it partially as a Hackintosh. Don't judge me.

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