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good airsoft rifle for under $140




Whats a good airsoft rifle? I want a good quality, fully automatic airsoft rifle. I am not wanting it to play games I just wanna mess with it in the back yard with friends and stuff. Want to get one that has a fast RPM though. I was going to get this gun https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0136EXIHS/?coliid=I3VXMACWU6W35L&colid=1M6SUCEN5ADXX&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Is there a better gun?




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G&G combat machine with an 8.4 volt NIMH battery


CYMA AK47 use stock 8.4 battery. 


Dont use higher voltage batteries, don’t fk with the internals or they’ll break. 

But from evike.com airsoftgi.com airsoftmegastore.com airsplat.com


if you want a high quality m4, get a G&P M4 and get a 7.1V lipo battery and get a high quality lipo charger. Change the connectors to deans as it allows for better current flow than the standard tamiya. The first 2 guns I listed have tamiya as well but they’re reliable entry level guns, not performance powerhouses. KWA is also pretty good. Run a 9.6V NIMH in the KWA.


Buy new, never get spring gun. The ONLY thing you should consider upgrading is the motor. You don’t need a pistol. High caps are fine, you’re not that loud. Btw the G&P comes with a mid cap magazine. You can get any standard “Tokyo marui” Style M4A mag and it’ll work in it. I recommend having 2~ high caps and you’re carrying 700 rounds~. 


Tokyo marui engineered the modern airsoft gun. Most popular and large companies model their internals after. If you buy a Tokyo marui new (ehobbyasia which is a chinese website will have it. 70~+ dollars in shipping alone) you’ll guaranteed never buy a new gun again for as long as your kids have kids. 


Edit, if I didn’t mention it, it’s probably not worth it. I’ve been airsofting for 14~ years. I know techs that have been playing since the piston was made of a plastic bag. 


ICS is another good company. If you NEED a pistol, get a green gas KWA or Tokyo Marui. Nothing else is worth it. 


KWC is a subcompany of KWA. They make decent Gas blowback pistols. I think they make more CO2 guns though. 

Dont air up your pistols in the winter. 

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