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I'm looking for anyone here who uses Google's Go programming language (commonly referred to as Golang) that might be interested in helping out with some projects of mine (especially if you use Discord and like Discord bots, I'm looking for you guys :D), or even just anyone who uses the language that likes sharing ideas and experiences with using the language. I always see things about C/C++ or Java or other languages, but never anything about the late-coming language that many people seem to have never heard of yet end up loving it when they find out about it (like me!).

For those who don't know, Go is an assembly-compiled language created by Google that runs on various architectures and in various operating system environments. I've used it for multiple purposes to date, such as my Discord bot Clinet and an in-development networking protocol called Lilac (which runs atop the IP protocol and alongside TCP/UDP and other networking protocols, also not yet available due to its alpha state). Chances are, if you can do it in C or C++, you can do it in Go, and that on top of the easier-to-understand syntax is what drove me to try it out and wind up loving it in the end.

Hope to see some Gophers around here soon~!


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Go is C with support wheels IMO - and the binaries are larger than their equivalent in C.


Just use C.

Write in C.

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Just use Go if you feel like it.

Quote or mention me if not feel ignored 

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