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How to remove default/bundled apps in macOS Mojave

With Apple's new macOS release, Mojave, users have found that they're unable to hide or remove annoying apps like News, Stocks, Home, etc. It's likely the kernel that's preventing you from doing so. However, a friend and I determined a workaround and documented it on GitHub. Importantly, our solution does not require one to disable SIP, which is a big plug. Also, if Apple decides to block this workaround, one can boot from a live usb of a previous macOS release that can read APFS drives, such as High Sierra. We didn't document that contingency, but it's a fun option if needed. I figured I'd add this here as I've seen no existing solutions and it's likely something that people will be searching for given the official release.


Happy hacking!

PS: Screw you, Apple.

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Why not just toss them in a folder


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Disabling SIP isn’t that hard or even that big a deal. Do what you want then re-enable it. 

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