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Rimworld Game Question (Mods and Crashing)

I currently have many mods on my rimworld save game.


I was wondering if I remove all my mods will it break my save file?

My game has been crashing every time I save or when the game auto saves.


The Current mods that I have enabled are:

rt fuse ss bigger batteries ss bigger fuse, miscellaneous CORE, Misc. BeesnHoney,

HugsLib,Giddy-up! Core, Giddy-up! Ride and Roll, Door Mat B19, SF (B19) Rain Removes All Filth,


Industrial Rollers, Masturbation, Medical Tab EdB Prepare Carefully, Prisoner Harvesting,

Selling prisoners with no guilt, No debuffs from pet killing/selling, Tech Advancing, (FSF) Simply Soil, Stack XXL, Misc. Weapon Repair, Sniper Turret, GouRiMet, Power Logic, PrisonerRansom, Sun Lamp Power, Misc. Training, DeadMansClothing, A Dog Said.... and Bulk Carrier


Thank you for your time.


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I would say yes. But you can disable the mods and try the save game and see if it works.


As long as you do not overwrite the save file you can always re-enable the mods.

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