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can i switch which storage is the primary one?

this is my first pc build. everything is going great, my system is up and running! i installed windows 10 on the ssd, but i'm wondering if there's any way for me to keep windows on the ssd, but make my hdd the primary storage. my ssd only has 250 gb, and i don't want everything auto-downloading to it. i tried to just move my "program files" folder onto the hdd (since to my knowledge, a lot of programs like steam automatically download and keep save data in there) but i got the error 0x80070057. is there any way to make my hdd the primary hard drive? or am i just stuck with this? my current setup is bearable, it would just be nice to be able to change it.

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You can install programs on other drives. The installers should have an option for which drive you want to use.


Steam lets you choose which drive you want to put your SteamLibrary folder in.

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As the boyo said above, most if not all installers give you an option to choose where you install said program. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is remembering to choose where it gets installed xD



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I am so confused, what is the 0x80070057. error??


Installing your steam games on a different drive and changing the download folder to a different hard rive is always a smooth process that does not have errors for me.

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