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Industry Affiliate Code of Conduct


Industry Affiliate Code of Conduct


Industry Affiliates are representatives of companies within the computer industry. Their posting privileges are the same as standard members, and while they are able (and encouraged) to interact with the LinusTechTips.com community outside of talking about their products or services, they should always keep in mind the way their behavior reflects on their company. Industry Affiliates are required to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner to all moderators, administrators, general members, and other Industry Affiliates. To ensure that LinusTechTips.com can maintain fair treatment of all Industry affiliates, we have created these guidelines:


  • All Industry Affiliates (employees of tech companies) must identify themselves if they intend to promote their company, products, or services in any way.
  • Industry Affiliates may truthfully answer questions about their own products and may assist members with technical and warranty support for their products in almost any context. It is still acceptable even in situations where the original post is not about the Industry Affiliate's product as long as it doesn't derail the thread.
  • Industry Affiliates may not recommend their own products to a user who is not already specifically asking about them. When that happens, the Industry Affiliate may clarify the features and value of his or her products, as well as help the Original Poster to understand the similar products that are also available within their product stack. This should not be interpreted as an opportunity to "upsell" and only educational information with a basis in fact will be acceptable. No snake oil marketing strategies will be tolerated from Industry Affiliates. We take reports from members about "marketing BS / manipulation" very seriously.
  • Industry Affiliates' member profiles and signatures must adhere to our standard guidelines, but may also contain one link to their official company support website
  • Industry Affiliates are encouraged to engage naturally with the community rather than taking a strictly "business-like" approach to their interactions. It's worth considering that by being a helpful part of the community, you will build trust with our members, moderators, and administrators, which will lend credibility to you as an individual and to your company.
  • Industry Affiliates are expected to set a positive example for the rest of the community by being trustworthy sources of information, and by adhering not only to the Industry Affiliate Code of Conduct, but also the general Community Standards


If you have any questions or concerns relating to these rules, please contact a forum administrator: @colonel_mortis

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