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hi, I would like some help and I struggle to find an answer.


I want to upgrade my CPU as I feel it can be a step up faster.


my PC specs now:

Nzxt S340 Elite Case                         (CASE)

Samsung 850 evo 250gb                   (OP)

Mother Board Gigabyte z68-ud5        (MB)

Corsair RM750x Modular                   (PowerSupply)

Evga SSC Geforce GTX 1060 6GB   (GPU)

corsair Vengance (2x4)gb 2344ghz   (Ram)

Intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz LGA1155          (CPU)

Corsair ML140 x2 + ML120 x1           (Fans)

Samsung 850 evo 1tb                        (Storage)


My question is. I want to upgrade my Cpu for something a bit faster to benefit more from my GPU

I want it to be faster but has the best value for money and will be able to be used more in other builds/future slight upgrades. such as the motherboard.

I have seen an i7-6700k and from what I have seen it seems to be most fitting for price and speed.

I mostly use my pc for gaming but sometimes I do a small bit of multitasking nothing big at all.

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hi, thanks for the fast reply. and i do apologise for my knowledge. how will this new mother board help me? and if you advise overclock and dont know how to do it.




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ohh right, a small detail I have missed. what CPU would be best for this motherboard for price and performance. or should I wait and upgrade my CPU and motherboard together.?



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My suggestion would be a little pricey but it would last a long time, I’d recommend getting a new mobo, i5 8400 and ddr4 ram. This will last you for many years to come.

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that sounds great, in the future i do plan to buy ddr5 corsair dominator platinum ram. and buy a m.2 drive.

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the cost of one of these are not cheap.(i7 - 3770k) and only runs at a speed of 3.5ghz.


what is important when it comes to cpu.

i thought it should be speed? and cache? because i have no idea on what cpu is good for different pc builds.


Is there somewhere i could go to understand what types of cpu will do different jobs,

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