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Budget gaming display

A big downside of the cheaper 144hz panels is the colors, it's just really mediocre compared to what you'd find in a BenQ Zowie XL2730 for instance (that's equally TN).
Now, there are 157 reviews, I think they might be more helpful than we can be. 157 experiences has more fidelity than less than a handful of anecdotal experiences here.

There are also cheaper options than this one like https://www.alza.de/25-aoc-g2590px-d5267629.htm?kampan=billiger_de_monitory_ostatni_ostatni_wk222a24&utm_source=billiger_de&utm_medium=product&utm_campaign=billiger_de_monitory_ostatni_ostatni_wk222a24,


but if it looks good to you and if you already like it - then buy it :)

RGB & Fan control ULTIMATE GUIDE !


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Cheaper display. Its an ok display, nothing amazing.


I saw your previus post. Id recommend picking up an AMD equivelent of the card you mentioned (dont remember if you allready bought it) an AMD card will pair better with these dsiplays and iron out any fluctuation in FPS

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